Small Pelmenis 400 g

Easy treats from the freezer! All cultures have their own version of dumplings; the Italians have raviolis, the Slavs have pelmenis and the Japanese have gyozas. The principle is the same in all traditional delicacies: they are made by wrapping a filling made of ground meat, dairy products, or vegetables inside the dough. Deliciest’s delicious pelmenis are made using traditional methods from high-quality ingredients. The small pelmenis contain a delicious meat filling. Boil pelmenis in well-seasoned water and enjoy them with fresh sour cream from Deliciest. 

Product details
Meat filling (50%): beef 25%, pork 25%, chicken 25%, onion, water, SOY protein, salt, spices. Dough: WHEAT flour, water, EGG mass, rapeseed oil, salt
Nutritional content
energy 796 kJ/190 kcal, fat 6 g, of which saturated fatty acids 1.8 g, carbohydrates 22 g, of which sugar 0.3 g, protein 13 g, salt 0.9 g
Sales patch
13 for grocery stores
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