Our products:

New but traditional
- yet always special

Deliciest is a Finnish family run business that manufactures, imports and markets tasty, clean and consumer-interesting food at affordable prices.

Some of Deliciest’s products are very traditional, while others are new and trendy. However, all of them have some small or big specialty that distinguishes them from other products found on store shelves. Quality is important to us, which we constantly strive to develop in all our products and in everything we do.

Anu and Sampsa Luukkanen founded Deliciest in August 2008. They wanted to bring new products to the Finnish market, which were missing from the stores’ selections at the time.

The first products produced were frozen Dumplings and sour cream, which have since established themselves in Finnish home kitchens. Maisku curd bars, which have already captured the hearts of many Finnish gourmets, can be found on the store’s milk shelf.

There are also several different products developed by actor and restaurant entrepreneur Ville Haapasalo on sale, for example Villes dumplings and a wide selection of preserves that were inspired by Haapasalo’s travels in the Caucasus.

Deliciest is always looking for new products. If you have an idea of ​​what we should get from the store, let us know! Today, Deliciest is a small, flexible and service-oriented family business that guarantees the high quality of its products and boldly searches for new affordable products for Finnish consumers.

Deliciest’s products are sold in well-stocked food stores all over Finland.