Deliciest Sour cream 20 %

Deliciest sour cream – tasty, light, fresh and affordable

Fresh and light Deliciest sour cream is good for cooking, and great as a side dish. It is suitable on its own as a dipping sauce or as a side dish for example soups, fish and pies. If you want, you can season the sour cream with herbs and spices or use it like a cream fraiche.

The fat content of Deliciest sour cream is 20 percent, i.e. it has about half of the fat content of other manufacturers’ sour cream.

Sour cream in cooking

Sour cream is also great for cooking, you get a tasty surface on top of baked dishes. Sour cream is suitable as it is, for example, to accompany baked fish or dumplings.

Sour cream is also excellent in baking, as it brings a rich texture.

Our sour cream does not foam, like fatty sour creams.

Product details
Pasteurized cream, dairy culture
Nutritional content
energy 842 KJ/200 Kcal, fat 20g, of which saturated fatty acids 15.4g, carbohydrates 3.2g, of which sugar 3.2g, protein 2.8g, salt 0.1g
Sales batch
6 for grocery stores
EAN code